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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Hardworking, durable and safe epoxy floor coatings

For a hard-wearing flooring system, apply an epoxy coating. This type of coating is perfect for a factory or warehouse that is subject to heavy equipment and traffic. The high-grade resin is tough enough to withstand wear and tear, chemical spills and intense mechanical stress.

The epoxy coating bonds well with concrete floors and acts as a protective layer from moisture, stain, cracks and grease. It is impact resistant and can be easily marked up with safety zones to protect your staff.

Epoxy floors create a bright and professional look to your concrete that is perfect for commercial environments. It is particularly popular with medical clinics, schools, bars and kitchens. The epoxy flooring is easy to clean, deflects bacteria and combats harsh cleaning chemicals.

For an increased safety, we recommend the application of aggregate (grit) for an anti-slip surface. The combination of materials creates a sandpaper finish that prevents slipping.

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