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Wall Papering & Wall Coverings

Stunning wallpaper, perfectly applied

The wallpapering trend is very strong in Perth and is bound to stay here for many years to come. Whether an entire room or a feature wall, wallpaper can add a whole new dimension to your home. With easy access to a wide variety of prints and textures, the real trouble can come down to just choosing a style of wallpaper!

Wallpapering is no easy feat though, and often best left to the professionals. When expertly applied, wall paper can add a finesse to your home and set it apart from the ordinary.

Our team are masters in wallpapering, guaranteeing the perfect finish even with the finest paper. We prepare the surface correctly, ensuring the wall paper is fixed for decades to come. Should you decide to redecorate in the future, the wallpaper can also be easily removed.

Paintable wallpaper is an option that gives you the freedom to refresh the look of your home as often as you like. The combination of a textured style and specific paint colour can add a unique dimension to any room. The team at Index Coatings can provide expert advice on both style and colour options to suite your home.

Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper removal can be a big task and one that our team at Index Coatings can take off your hands. Our professional tradesmen have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field so you can always trust Index Coatings to get the job done in a proficient and professional way. We easily peel back the wall coverings, while ensuring minimal damage is done to the actual wall underneath.

If you’re confused by the amount of wallpaper required or you would like to know more about your wall covering options call us today and we’ll provide you with an obligation free quote.

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Index Coatings offers painting services in Perth for residential and commercial properties that want a professional and polished finish. Our painters in Perth are highly skilled and pay meticulous attention to detail; giving properties back a fresh, unique look.

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